LiLee Nelson (Photo Source: LiLee's Instagram)

Who said that a large family is not a happy family? The Nelson has a very large family with sixteen children. They have provided equal love and care to both their adopted and biological children.

LiLee Nelson is one of their children whom the family adopted at the age of three. She is an American Youtube star. She can be seen along with her siblings and parents on their family’s YouTube channel.

Who Are LiLee Nelson's Biological Siblings?

LiLee Nelson was born on March 13, 2006. Her birthplace is the United States. She is 17 years old according to the wiki. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Her close friends and family call her by the nickname, Lil and Lils. She has Caucasian ethnicity.  Her adoptive parents are Tiffany Kay Nelson and Bruce Edward Nelson II (Benji).

Her parents have a total of 16 children among which 9 are adopted and 7 are their biological children. Their oldest child is their biological child named KennaDee Kay Nelson Haddock.

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The Nelson family

Nelson's adopted children are JourNee Mechelle, Bridger Alexander, KassaDee Lee Nelson Parker, Bruce Edward Nelson III (Trey), JaineLee, LiLee Anne  SaiDee Faith, NayVee Grace, Luke Parker, PaisLee Jane, DeLayNee June, PresLee Grace, ElleCee Faith, Beckham Ryder, and Ledger Nike. LiLee’s biological siblings are SaiDee, Luke, DeLayNee, ElleCee, and Beckham whom the Nelsons adopted at different stages.

She was only three years old when she was adopted. She has very little memory of her biological parents. She recalls that they would quarrel with each other often and do drugs to avoid the bad things in their life.

Lilee plays soccer on her school

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She is in high school and is expected to graduate in the year 2023. She is a competitive cheerleader. She will cheer for her school’s teams for the 2023-2024 season. She also plays soccer and basketball at her school. She is also a soccer player. Rumours suggest that she plays for the Desert Hills Varsity Soccer.

What Does LiLee Nelson Do?

LiLee can be seen in her family’s Youtube channel named Not Enough Nelsons which was created on December 12, 2018. The channel showcases her large family. They upload videos of them doing various challenges, dancing, skits, makeup routines, daily life, and many more on her channel. Their channel has 2.21 million subscribers and a total of 927 uploaded videos now. Their videos have garnered more than 938,538,372 views.

Is LiLee Nelson In A Relationship?

LiLee has never gushed about her dating life so, she is probably single as of now.

LiLee no longer contacts her birth parents by her choice. She saw her birth father for the last time before she was fostered by the Nelsons. She saw her birth mom, Amy for the last time when Nelsons adopted her younger siblings, DeLayNee, ElleCee, and Beckham.

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Her birth mother Amy reportedly passed away in 2023. She has a white Jeep Wrangler. She fears deep-sea fish. She got her driver's permit on her 10th attempt. She lives together with her parents in a mansion which they showed in one of their videos.

Lilee with her friends

She has a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea because of which she has to sleep with a CPAP machine. She is not dating anyone right now. She never had a boyfriend. She loves children. So, she hopes to get married and have her children one day.

What Is LiLee Nelson's Net Worth?

LiLee has a net worth of approximately $5 million. Her estimated earnings from the last 30 days are $62.7k. Her main source of income is her family’s YouTube channel which garners millions of viewers.

How Tall Is LiLee Nelson?

LiLee has a height of 5 feet 3 inches.  She has green beautiful eyes. Her hair color is blonde. She has freckles. She has a slim body. Her weight is around 49 kg. She has a cute snub nose. She has thin eyebrows.

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